Tuesday, June 9, 2009

[video] Hammertime - Sneak Peak

"Take a peek inside the life of Stanley Burrell — the three-time Grammy Award winner who rapped and danced his way into the hearts of America in the '90s as MC Hammer, — as he juggles life as a business entrepreneur with his wife and confidant of over 23 years, Stephanie, and their family of six kids. " -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Hammer Time is a modern day Cosby Show, proving that home really is where the heart is, especially in the Hammer house. The best entourage a man can have is his family, and no one knows this better than this former rap star turned suburban dad. In this season preview you get a sneak peek at some of the exciting events that take place in Hammer and his family's lives, from everyday struggles like school grades, baby sitting, and braces, to bigger events like a sold out concert, Vegas clubs, and an unforgettable vacation in Hawaii.

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