Monday, August 17, 2009

[video] Defying Gravity - Pilot and Threshold

"The mission is a go. In the near future, a coed international crew of eight astronauts boards the spaceship Antares for a six-year interplanetary mission. With only limited help from Mission Control, it soon becomes apparent that these scientists and the crew aren't just in deep space - they're in even deeper than they could have imagined.

Can old alliances and new attractions co-exist in the close quarters of a confined space ship? As a documentary crew aboard the ship broadcasts the astronauts' every move to avid viewers on Earth, these brave men and women will come face to face with unexpected dangers, past secrets, and a hidden force aboard the ship that threatens to unravel their entire mission. Defying Gravity has emotional drama as thrilling as the intense action.
" -- iTunes Store

Pilot (part 1)
A team of eight astronauts, embarking on a six-year journey to explore Venus and other planets in the solar system, find their lives and destinies intertwined and carefully directed, not only by Mission Control officials on Earth, but also by an unseen force which is much closer and far more powerful. Download part 1 now!
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Pilot (part 2)
Some rocky and intriguing developments confront the crew as they learn to adjust to life on board the Antares, as they find that some past choices, combined with an unknown element in the ship's mysterious Storage Pod 4, lead to a complex web of dreams, desires and illusions that result in a life-threatening crisis. Download part 2 now!
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Taboos are broken and lines are crossed as personal and professional relationships aboard the Antares and on Earth continue to intensify, while the unseen power behind the mission begins to create both cellular and psychological transformations among the astronauts.
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