Tuesday, August 18, 2009

[video] Dude, What Would Happen - Episode 1

"Ever wonder if you could pop popcorn with a flame-thrower, fly a Sumo wrestler with helium balloons, or have a dance-off in a thousand-horsepower wind tunnel? Find out in season 1 of Dude, What Would Happen as Ali, Jackson, and C.J. put their wildest ideas to the test! Every week is a new adventure and nothing is off limits as these friends turn the world into their test lab. " -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Dude, What Would Happen If: We tried to roll underwater? Attempted to defy gravity? Had a Pirate/Viking Smackdown?
They fill the bug with water up to their necks, add some Koi fish, then drive it around. The boys lift a sumo using 375 helium balloons, making him weightless. They have a Pirate cannon vs. Viking catapult match, including catapulting a canoe and a sofa into the water.

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