Monday, August 17, 2009

[video] Stan Lee's Time Jumper - Behind the Scenes

"Twenty-year-old college student Terry Dixon has the most unique mobile device on Earth - The Articulus, a handheld time machine developed by Terry's genius father, Arthur Dixon. To prevent the Articulus from falling into the wrong hands, Arthur coded it to work only with his DNA. After a laboratory experiment claims Arthur's life, Terry and his older brother Sam become the only people capable of using it.

Recruited into the secret crime fighting organization H.U.N.T. (Heroes United, Noble and True) after the mysterious disappearance of golden boy Sam, Terry becomes a reluctant hero living in his brother's shadow. As he struggles to fill his new role, unnatural shifts in the course of history send Terry hurtling through time to capture Charity Vyle, the diabolical leader of criminal cartel C.U.L.T. (Council of Unstoppable, Lethal Terrorists).

But something more than just Terry's molecules are being reconfigured as he leaps across time, and it threatens to corrupt everything he understands about who he is, and whether the world is actually worth saving after all . . .
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Episode Summary
Go behind the scenes of "Time Jumper" with Stan Lee and Natasha Henstridge. Learn more about the story and characters and see how storyboards come to life.

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