Tuesday, September 8, 2009

[video] Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre World - Cuba

"In Bizarre World, Andrew Zimmern dives face first into any worldly traditions our planet has to offer — still stopping to munch on Cuban tree rats along the way. Andrew may be the person you least expect to walk toward a black mamba in the Kalahari, but in Bizarre World, he welcomes each newfound experience with open arms. Andrew takes part in the most intriguing customs, from the art of German chess boxing, to bawling after a shaman out-of-body experience in Kalahari. Let Andrew be your tour guide from the dairy heartland of Wisconsin to the unfamiliar Cuba." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Andrew travels to a place few Americans have the opportunity to explore - Cuba. He takes part in a Santeria ritual that leaves him covered in blood, devours a large tree rat, and discovers what it takes to grow world-class tobacco.

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