Tuesday, September 29, 2009

[video] Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Comic-Con Special

"Fierce battles, exciting stories, and breathtaking animation raise the stakes higher than ever in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season Two: Rise of the Bounty Hunters.

War continues to spread, and the Jedis' duty to protect the galaxy intensifies as a new breed of evil enters the scene รข€” merciless bounty hunters. With strict directives to infiltrate the Jedi order, these lawless mercenaries will stop at nothing to complete their mission. In the midst of the ever-mounting turmoil, the lives of the Jedi become even more complex as secret and forbidden relationships are revealed, lives are put in danger, and the fate of the galaxy lays in peril.
" -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Check out the cast from Star Wars: The Clone Wars as they perform a live table read for the first time ever at Comic-Con. Download the special now, then tune-in to Cartoon Network every Friday at 8/7c for all-new episodes of The Clone Wars. Or, you can experience the episodic adventures from the galaxy far far away every Saturday on iTunes!

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