Wednesday, October 28, 2009

[music] Orianthi - According to You

"Who doesn’t want to be recognized and even loved for who they truly are? That’s the lyrical theme for Orianthi’s snappy pop-rock gem According to You. The message also applies to the instrumental skills of the mid-twentyish native of southern Australia and onetime guitar wunderkind. She’s not just an energetic singer; she’s a six-string slayer. She’s earned the praises of none other than Carlos Santana and was Michael Jackson’s last live guitarist; you can see her in the late King of Pop’s rehearsal-footage feature film, This Is It." -- iTunes Store

Genre: Pop

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J said...

I'm not sure where to post this, but there is a new album out by Mike Posner that is free on iTunes...He's one of Sony/J Records new pop/hip-hop artists and has been dropping mixtapes in anticipation of his official CD release. He's performed with Wale, Akon, and 50 Cent. His new mixtape is out and there's a few tracks with Kid Cudi and 3OH!3.
He has another free album on iTunes somewhere, if anyone is interested.

Anonymous said...

cool blog, I've been looking for something like this that actually gets updated!