Tuesday, October 20, 2009

[video] Lobstermen - Land of the Giants

"It's winter in New England, and the offshore lobster fishing fleet is preparing for another rough season on the high seas. Four captains and their crews are on their way to the edge of the Continental Shelf, home to some of the best lobstering in the world. Over on the dragger boat Excalibur, Captain Joel Hovanesian is the lobstermen's sworn enemy, often found untangling lobster gear from his net. Watch what happens when tempers flare, waves crash, and lives and money are at stake." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
The lobster fishing fleet prepares for another tough season on the high seas as Keith points his vessel towards an oncoming storm. Then, Tim struggles with a boat malfunction and Joel bides time until he can get his dragger boat into the lobster grounds.

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