Wednesday, November 4, 2009

[music] Steel Magnolia - Keep On Lovin' You

"There’s an easiness to Steel Magnolia’s Keep On Lovin’ You that’s tricky to pin down at first. Perhaps it’s the subtle combination of slide guitar and banjo. Or maybe it’s that real-life couple (and CMT's Can You Duet winners) Meghan Linsey and Joshua Scott Jones effortlessly trade off lead vocals and harmonize with one another before the climactic key change. Whatever the source, we’ll keep tapping our feet and swaying to Keep On Lovin’ You and trust that you will, too." -- iTunes Store

Genre: Country

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free downloads @ nanoguns9 said...
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JenL said...

I tried to download the free songs for this week and it says I have to upgrade to the latest version of iTunes. But I bought two songs today and everything worked fine. What gives? And no, I can't upgrade to a newer version of iTunes than the one I already have (7.2) without upgrading my entire operating system. I'm not willing to do that.