Wednesday, November 18, 2009

[music] Steel Panther - Death to All But Metal

"Though they graduated Summa Cum Loud from the prestigious Kerrrang! School of Rock ‘n’ Roll Ribaldry, the primary members of Steel Panther (Michael Steel, Satchel, Lexxi Foxxx, Stix Zadinia) wouldn’t meet until later, while working separately on their doctorates in Metallurgy. The ensuing racket is collected on Feel the Steel and its volcanic single Death to All But Metal. If you’re sensitive to high-decibel guitar solos, double kick-drum rolls, multiple-octave vocals, and lyrics that hint that 50 Cent and Kanye West might enjoy each other’s company, perhaps there’s an Owl City song we can steer you toward instead. Everyone else: pack some earplugs, invest in a good sense of humor, and click away." -- iTunes Store

Genre: Rock

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