Tuesday, November 10, 2009

[video] Tough Love - Welcome to Bootcamp

"You may not like Steve Ward's rules, but if you want to find true love you gotta face the truth and follow them. Tough Love is back, and Steve once again works with a group of single, attractive women living together in a house to change their dating ways. Steve's rules for dating are bold, insightful, and often hilarious. The core of Tough Love is Steve revealing the truth about what men really think when it comes to dating.

The women in Tough Love Bootcamp are desperate and single and can't figure out why. From ex-boyfriends to intimacy to communication, each episode's theme is a class in dating 101 and is illustrated with challenges that force the ladies outside of their comfort zone. Once through the lesson, they are sent out on dates with men hand-picked by Steve out of his pool of hot, eligible men.
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Episode Summary
Steve Ward is back as 8 brand new Tough Love recruits arrive at Boot Camp in desperate need of Steve's help.

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