Friday, January 15, 2010

[video] High School Reunion - Various Videos

"They went to high school in Las Vegas — but for their 20-year reunion, all bets are off! Romance is in the air, and ultimately, three different couples will exchange rings and promises. And there’s plenty of high school drama, too. Party crashers from rival Valley High stir things up. Two chick cliques — “The Summer Girls” and “The Cheerleaders” — resume their competition. And John “The Troublemaker” lives up to his nickname with his drunken, belligerent behavior. Meanwhile, Cyndi “The Nerd” and Eric “The Gay Guy” find the courage to reveal their true personalities and connect with their classmates as never before. It’s a reunion that the Chaparral High Cowboys — and viewers — will never forget." -- iTunes Store

Aloha, Cowboys
A 20th reunion full of romance, rivalries, and surprise revelations gets under way as 11 “Cowboys” from Chaparral High School in Las Vegas move into a resort villa in Kauai. Joe “The Football Star” gets a Hall Pass that leads him to a surprise reunion with his high school sweetheart, Jodi “The Cheerleader.” After a romantic night reminiscing, is this former “it” couple ready to rekindle their romance? Meanwhile, the snobby hotties known as “The Summer Girls” flaunt their smoking bods poolside and taunt their rivals, “The Cheerleaders.” But Antanus “The Ladies’ Man” doesn’t take sides as he loves all the women of Chaparral—even when questioned about his longtime girlfriend back home. At Detention, John “The Troublemaker” scoffs at Eric “The Gay Guy” and his complaints about John’s bullying. It’s only day one and the drama is already brewing as the Chaparral Cowboys are forced to confront issues they thought they left in the past.
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Preview Special
This TV Land special revisits all the love, friendship and drama of the first two seasons of High School Reunion, along with a sneak peek of season three featuring the 1989 class of Chaparral High School in Las Vegas.
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