Tuesday, January 12, 2010

[video] What I Hate About Me - Slouch No More

"Real women admit their imperfections — and Style's A-list experts share their practical tips for fixing every foible in this inspiring and empowering new Style makeover series. No topic is off limits as women bare their souls and confess the ten things they dislike most about themselves, from how they flirt, argue, or dress to the way they deal with family, friends, or bosses. This season, problems can range from how a woman struggles to put together an outfit to why she's unwilling to take chances to why she hates the shape of her body or why she's jealous of her girlfriends. Then, host Lisa Arch works with experts to present the participant with brutally honest advice and the proper tools to make positive changes in her life, boost her confidence, and knock each item off her list." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Ambar is ready to love the person she sees in the mirror. She wants nothing more than to feel beautiful, but in order to get there, she must tackle the 10 things she hates about herself. From her fear of gaining back weight she's lost to over apologizing to finding cute clothes that compliment her height, host Lisa Arch and her team of experts help Ambar fix her flaws and boost her confidence. Plus, our pros help Ambar feel beautiful on the outside by making over her skin, hair and makeup for a whole sassy and sexy new look.

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