Friday, March 26, 2010

Difficulties with our Facebook Page

Welp, our the Free iTunes Downloads Facebook page was deleted. Again. If you've been waiting for updates on your news feed about free downloads from iTunes, please wait a bit while we try and get our page (and fans!) reinstated. We're seriously bummed about this as it keeps happening again and again.

In the meantime, you might also want to follow us on Twitter since that doesn't seem to get deleted!

Have a great weekend!


Sapphic Owl said...

Host your blog at Wordpress. Blogger deletes blogs that share music at the drop of a dime without respect for whether it's leaked, promo or entirely legal. Just my 2 cents. A few of my favorite music sites/blogs are hosted at WP and have been kickin for a while. I actually moved my own blog to WP and enjoy the increased features. The only drawback is custom CSS, which you have to pay for, but that doesn't seem like a huge concern for this blog. And for the future jic this were to happen, back up your blog posts. Your dashboard should give you the option of downloading your entire blog and comments as an XML file or something of the like.

Danielle Darling said...

A custom Wordpress template doesn't have to break the bank. I develop them all the time for less than $200.

dakota said...

i do the same