Tuesday, March 30, 2010

[video] Bubba's World - The Compound

"Bubba's World is a ten-episode docu-reality series about the number one motocross racer in the world, James "Bubba" Stewart, and his unique situation. At age 23, he is not only the highest paid rider, pulling in over $10 million a year, but also the only African American to dominate in an all-white sport. Just last year (2009), he completed a perfect motocross season -- 24 wins in 24 races. From diapers to the bike, James has been home-schooled and molded into the racer he is today by his Southern family, who gave up their local Haines City jobs to form his multi-million dollar company, employing the entire family and 15 others. Set against a backdrop of his ghetto southern town, chaos at home, never-ending obligations, wild parties, pro friends, and plenty of family drama, Bubba's World is a comedic view of how surreal it is to be a “star,” yet still live at home and having missed out on childhood fun. James will do his best to rediscover his lost youth, make his own rules, satisfy some unattained dreams, and discover how good it can be to be "Bubba." But it won't be easy with a family and handlers who need to keep their "product" safe and out of harm's way. People Magazine named James one of the "20 Teens Who Will Change The World." And James looks to start making changes this summer . . ." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
The Stewart family returns to their family compound in Haines City, Florida from the Supercross season where James dominated as the number one motocross racer in the world, yet again. Hidden in the middle of an otherwise Southern ghetto, surrounded by orange groves and swamps, the 100-acre Stewart Compound is bustling with over a dozen employees maintaining the regulation-size racing tracks, washing the fleet of cars, taking care of the farm animals, and attending to all things “James Stewart.” But while Big James tends to the track and mom Sonya pays the bills, James and his little brother Malcolm get into trouble racing the work trucks around the race track and busting them up. To make matters worse, James finally tells his parents that he’s taking the summer off from racing -- for the first time ever.

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