Tuesday, March 2, 2010

[video] Trinity - Episode 1

"Trinity College has been known as a playground for the rich and powerful since it first opened it doors about 900 years ago. Now, though, the college is about to welcome more "regular" students. Charlotte Arc, whose father had worked as a professor at the university. is found dead just before the new term is about to get under way. Charlotte decides to enroll at the university so she can discover the truth about her father's death. Charlotte and her fellow new students soon discover a world of sex, drugs, and secret societies, including the mysterious Dandelion Club. What is hidden inside Trinity's walls?" -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
First day of term at Trinity. Theo arrives and doesn’t like what he sees – when the college laugh at him at the initiation lunch he decides to leave. Dorian chooses his fools for the year.

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PaigeWasHere said...

Love It!! <3 Dorian(christian Cooke)