Friday, April 9, 2010

[music] People Magazine Country Playlist

People Magazine has a new Country playlist for you to download free on iTunes. You'll get the following 10 songs:
  1. Danny Gokey - Crazy Not To
  2. Katie Armiger - Kiss Me Now
  3. Colt Ford (feat. Jamey Johnson) - Cold Beer
  4. Mindy McCready - I Want A Man
  5. Josh Abbott Band - She's Like Texas
  6. Coldwater Jane - Bring On The Love
  7. Sammy Kershaw - Better Than I Used To Be
  8. Matt Kennon - The Call
  9. Blaine Larsen - Baby You Get Me
  10. Christian Kane - The House Rules

Update: Sorry guys, I put the wrong link up there. It should be this one which has a list of all the songs as well as generating a *working* code to redeem the songs. Thanks for all the participation in the comments to try and solve the problem!


Anonymous said...

Download Code: WWWHPNL6A33E
Code Expiration: 06/18/2010

Anonymous said...

This doesn't work. It takes you to ITunes Store at which time you are asked for a code. Used the Anonymous code and that did not work either. What gives?


AkuTyger said...

Yup, won't work for me either. Says the code has been used.

Debra said...

Did the same for me. Are we missing something?

Sashia said...

Code to download is F4N4FXFXK4ET.

Stew said...

I searched for "People Magazine Country Playlist" and came up with the proper code. HMFJMLWHMY9K
It worked for me on Saturday April 10.

Anonymous said...

Bogus, nothing works. None of the codes and not even the search.

Karl said...

Try this link. I took it form the People site.

The code appears to be: AN9MEKJ6PWHW

Anonymous said...

The code varies. Get yours from:

Anonymous said...

Go to this site and it will allow you to download the playlist.

Anonymous said...

Just go yo WARNING: You also get 15 other terrible songs!

Optras1855 said...

Download Code: 4MFJ6H4NYRLL
Code Expiration: 06/18/2010

Got it from works

shekhar said...
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