Monday, May 24, 2010

[video] Lost - Various Videos

"It became a global television phenomenon; now the epic adventure of ABC's LOST is coming to an end. After Season 5’s explosive finish, everything is up in the air for the survivors of flight 815. No one knows what — or who — the future will hold. Will Juliet’s sacrifice to save her friends work? Can Kate choose, once and for all, between Jack and Sawyer? Will Sun and Jin be reunited? Is it too late to save Claire? Whatever awaits everyone on the island, one thing is for certain — the moment of truth has arrived. Discover the secret living inside Locke, revisit old friends, and see how the powerful, epic struggle between Jacob and the mysterious Man in Black comes to an end. It's the thrilling conclusion of the addictive, mind-bending series." -- iTunes Store

The Final Journey
Reviewing the events of the series; past and present cast members discuss their experiences.
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The Beginning of the End
What began with a plane crash has turned into a worldwide phenomenon. And now, with the sixth and final season about to begin, discover how LOST has caputured the imagination of a global audience and reshaped the way the world watches television. Relive the biggest moments of one of the most significant dramas in television and celebrate LOST.
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