Wednesday, June 2, 2010

[video] Dora the Explorer - The Big Red Chicken

"¡Vámonos! Let's go! Enjoy the complete first season of Dora the Explorer! Dora and Boots need your help to overcome all the classic obstacles from their very first adventures, such as Strawberry Mountain, Crocodile Lake, Troll Bridge, and of course, Swiper the Fox! Help Dora rescue her friends, bring animals back to their homes, catch run-away wishes, get treats to her Abuela's house, throw a surprise birthday party for Boots, solve riddles, and more! You'll even find out how she met her friend Backpack and where Swiper the Fox lives! Adventure awaits with Dora the Explorer!" -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Dora and Boots read about a chicken that’s as big as a house and set off to meet him. First they’ll have to cross a broken Bridge, then open a locked Gate, and at last they’ll reach the Big Red Hill. But where’s the Big Red Chicken?

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