Wednesday, June 9, 2010

[video] It's Effin' Science - "It's Effin' Science" Sneak Peek

"This isn't science. It's Effin' Science. It’s a full-on hack of the sciences with one goal in mind: to build, create and do the kind of stuff guys always wanted, wish they'd invented or didn't know they needed — until now! The experiments can be over-the-top, like turning a pool party into a massive game of "Battleship." Or they can be hilariously simple combinations of everyday objects and science basics brought together to create homemade night-vision goggles that really do work. Join the crew — host Angie Greenup, guinea pig Marc Horowitz, and science guy Chad Zdenek — as they explore the weird, wild and off-beat side of science and, in the process, make life easier, enable you to impress your friends, and have a lot of fun just for the hell of it." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Get your first look at the new G4 show "It's Effin' Science"--and find out how you can make your own night vision goggles! Download full episodes here, beginning Wednesday, June 16.

the fine print: Downloads posted on the Free iTunes Downloads blog are usually free for ~1 week. After that, you'll have to pay for them.

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