Thursday, June 10, 2010

[video] Man v. Food - Miami Live

"Passionate foodie Adam Richman is on a hunger quest to find the most mouth-watering pig-out joints in the United States. After getting to know the staff and patrons and finding out just what makes these places so legendary, he’ll tackle their famous food challenges, designed to test man's gastronomic limits. Join Adam as he hits some of America's most hard core food locales, including Oklahoma City, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Kansas City, and even Puerto Rico, where he'll meet some real heat! Let Man v. Food be your guide to the best chow America has to offer." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Adam Richman is packing his bags for the big one: a special sixty-minute event live from Miami, Florida. You thought South Beach and Ocean Drive were famous before -- wait till the locals -- and some special guests -- get a load of Adam.

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