Thursday, June 24, 2010

[video] Rescue Me - Behind the Scenes

"Season Six opens with a terrifying vision of Tommy's afterlife. His family, fallen comrades, and lost saves usher him into a world that is ghastly and all too real. Back on the outside, all eyes are on Tommy, making sure that this slip was his last. And with the memory of his hell haunting him, Tommy remains at constant unease. Tommy's first day back on the job is a busy one, answering three calls on a single shift. After he rescues a priest from a burning church, Tommy hopes that he'll be offered some perspective on his brush with death. Unfortunately for Tommy, this priest isn't the sage Tommy had hoped he would be. With funding at an all-time low, HQ puts 62 on the chopping block. The guys formulate a plan to gain local support, but Lou's medical condition threatens their hopes for salvation. In the end, Needles uses his leverage much to the dismay of Feinberg.

Colleen's drinking has gotten out of control in Tommy's absence. But when Teddy and Mickey try to teach Tommy a lesson things go from bad to worse with Tommy's eldest daughter.

Sheila can't handle Damian's decision to follow in his father's footsteps and orders Tommy to get him out of the brotherhood. Tommy reluctantly complies, but a heroic save stokes Damian's passion for the job. Mike and Garrity do right by a dying brother, Franco finds himself in deep with Janet, and Black Shawn moves things forward with Colleen.
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Episode Summary
Go Behind the Scenes of Rescue Me Season 6 to find out what's in store for Tommy Gavin and the guys from Ladder 62.

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