Wednesday, June 9, 2010

[video] Total Drama World Tour - Celebrity Manhunt

"The world’s most exciting, animated reality show is back for another season of complete madness! And this time, they are taking the show on the road. Follow your favorite Total Drama contestants as they chase each other around the globe in challenges that push their tiny little brains to the limits. And if they fail, they face the Ejector Seat and a 35,000 foot Plunge of Shame! Talk about dropping out of the game." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Celebrity Manhunt is Total Drama's animated spoof of entertainment magazine shows like E-Talk Canada and TMZ. Our hosts Blainely and Josh will stop at nothing to get the dirt on celebrities, and this week, they are hot on the trail of the Total Drama cast - post elimination! In this episode, they chase all 22 characters down the red carpet of the Gemmie Awards where they're nominated for best reality show cast. Tonight is Owen, Gwen, Beth, Duncan and the gang's only hope of reviving their fading celebrity. The only problem is that sadistic host Chris McLean has found a new batch of characters to rocket to reality stardom and he's lost all interest in our gang. Only after a high-speed bus chase and a death-defying cliff dive, do the Total Drama teens get another shot at fame - and the grand prize Million. DOLLARS!

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