Wednesday, June 9, 2010

[video] Unnatural History - The Victor Belongs to the Spoils

"An action packed blend of mystery and adventure, Unnatural History centers on the exploits of Henry Griffin — an exceptional teenager with extraordinary skills he learned while living with his anthropologist parents in some of the most exotic places on the planet. He’s well-trained in martial arts, an expert survivalist; he can climb and rappel, track quarry and throw a javelin. He has the wisdom of a Buddhist monk, the courage of a lion, and the discipline of . . . a teenager. When Henry’s parents decide it’s time for him to settle down and lead a normal life, they send him off to Washington D.C. to live with his cousin Jasper and Uncle Bryan, who happens to be the principal of James Smithson High School. Henry explores the secrets of Smithson High and the adjacent National Museum Complex, and soon he is plunged into a whole new world of mystery and intrigue. He’ll need all of his skills, as well as the help of his cousin Jasper and friend Maggie, to survive his most challenging adventure to date — conquering the urban jungle." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
In the series premiere, Henry learns upon arrival that his beloved godfather, Dante Morneau (guest star COLIN FOX), has recently died during work, presumably of a heart attack. But Henry has suspicions and investigates, soon learning that Dante had located a missing Civil War submarine – the USS Alligator that reportedly contains millions in Army payroll gold. Henry and Jasper must race to find the sub and the treasure before the killers find it. Reluctant to accept his new environment, Henry ultimately learns that this school and his friendship with Jasper and Maggie offer a lot that he didn’t have in his previous life.

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