Friday, July 23, 2010

[video] Mary Knows Best - Episode 101

"Meet Mary Occhino, renowned psychic intuitive, popular host of her own daily satellite radio show, successful author, but first and foremost . . . Mom. As matriarch of her colorful Long Island, Italian-American family, Mary can’t help but take her work home with her because communicating with the spirit world is a 24-hour a day job. Yet, with strangers eagerly lining up seeking her remarkable counsel, her own adult children — Chris (the eccentric paranormal investigator), Carl (the skeptical journalist), and Jacqueline (her twenty-four year old daughter who may or may not have inherited her mother’s "gift") — refuse to heed her motherly advice, even if she’s usually right. Equal parts humor and drama, Mary Knows Best shows what happens when a not-so-normal family meets the paranormal." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
In the premiere episode, Mary, already incredibly busy with her radio show and writing career, decides to open her new store, "Celestial Angels." She enlists her son, Carl, to help her - but when she impulsively finds a space with "good energy," it leaves the family frantically scrambling to get it ready in time for the grand opening. Along the way, we follow Chris' passionate, and a little unfocused, plans to create a self-improvement seminar, as well as Mary's well intentioned but unwelcome attempts to find Jackie's "Mr. Right."

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