Wednesday, July 14, 2010

[video] The T.O. Show - Bye Bye Buffalo

"Terrell Owens has had another up and down season on the football field. His one year contract with the Buffalo Bills has come and gone, and facing another off season full of questions, doubt, and drama, T.O. is ready to make his next move. Last off season was a time of discovery that landed Terrell in Los Angeles with his publicists and best friends Monique and Kita. This year Terrell is going to return to the bright lights of Hollywood, but he’s going on his own terms and with his own agenda to prepare for life beyond football.

With L.A. as his home base again, T.O. is thinking about the next phase of his life and will take advantage of his location to work on becoming a serious actor. He also knows in the process he might just have a shot to reconnect with Kari — who has since moved to L.A. after Terrell broke up with her during the football season. Now, in what could be his final off season, Terrell is out to make an impact on his past and future, while chasing romance and his Hollywood dreams. And he’ll be asking himself the most important question of all: Do I even WANT to play football next season?

Kita and Monique will be ever watchful as T.O. wades into new territory, eventually helping to explore his role as a father. But with so many things to contemplate, Terrell realizes he can't do it alone, and takes it upon himself to seek the aid of a therapist, who puts him face to face with his greatest challenge — himself.
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Episode Summary
Terrell's back in Los Angeles after a disappointing season in Buffalo has him questioning his future in football. While Mo and Kita hunt for a house for Terrell, he moves in with Mo -- which puts his babysitting skills to the ultimate test. With his professional career in transition, Terrell also tries to address his personal relationships with his on again off again girlfriend Kari.

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