Monday, August 16, 2010

[video] American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior - Domani Studios Bike

"Once partners, they are now fierce competitors at contending motorcycle shops. Senior continues his struggle to keep OCC afloat during difficult financial times, while Junior is now on a mission to expand his fledgling design company and return to his bike-building roots. Who will come out on top as OCC and Paul JR Designs start cranking out competing bikes, side by side, each week on American Chopper Sr. vs Jr." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
The Teutuls air out the family drama on a radio morning show. Jr. announces that he is going to become a direct competitor of his father by opening up his own Paul Jr. designs bike shop and enlists the help of a former OCC mechanic Vinnie DiMartino.

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1 comment:

Linda said...

I'll say that the Domani bike build was better than the Window World bike, but both lacked in any style or creativity...