Thursday, August 5, 2010

[video] Growing Up Twisted - Baptism By Snider

"Dee Snider was an undeniable presence in the 1980s, instantly recognizable as the frontman of heavy metal band Twisted Sister. He wore his makeup as loud as he played has music, and spent most of his time on the road, touring with the band. Now he’s just one of six — a regular guy (and grandfather!) with a wife and four kids living in the suburbs of Long Island. In Growing Up Twisted, A&E follows Snider, his powerhouse of a wife Suzette, and their offbeat but tight-knit family as they navigate life in Stony Brook, New York. Married for over 30 years, Snider and Suzette have raised their children to be fiercely independent and strong-willed: Jesse is an aspiring rock musician, husband and new father; Shane is the Snider’s resident comic and hopeful stand-up; Cody’s a budding filmmaker and quintessential troublemaker; and Cheyenne is Daddy’s little girl, about to make the tough transition to teenager. They’re a rock-solid family of inimitable individuals not afraid to speak their minds — with the nonstop and entertaining dialogue usually directed at one another. Growing Up Twisted shows how, despite their father’s rock star status, the Sniders are just like every other family . . . only not at all." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Twisted Sister lead singer, Dee Snider, is the lone voice of reason when his family packs a whirlwind of activity into one week. Their eldest son, Jesse, wants to have a christening for his daughter, but a touching tribute song he writes for the event opens up old wounds between father and son. Then the family heads to the city for son Shane's stand-up act, but his brother Cody nearly gets into a fight with a comic that disrespects the Snider clan. Finally, the family needs to pull it all together in time to stage a very touching...and very twisted christening.

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