Saturday, September 11, 2010

[video] Anthony Bourdain No Reservations - What Were We Thinking

"World-renowned chef, best-selling author, and weary world traveler Anthony Bourdain is on a mission to experience the personalities and places that help define what it means to scale the international cultural landscape. Volume 9 of his Emmy-winning series, No Reservations, is a special one for Tony as past and present collide in a collage of intimate recollections, behind-the-scenes explorations and profound reunions, including a return to Paris (the scene of his first No Reservations show) for his historic 100th episode, a “making of” special in India and a trip to Beirut, the former war zone he last left aboard a naval rescue ship. Tony also makes his way to Dubai, Liberia, Rome and the American heartland, while still finding time for some island hopping in the Caribbean." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
In celebration of 100 episodes, join Tony and the crew for an after-hours look into the past five years of No Reservations – a world of dysfunction mixed with heartwarming stories, breathtaking backdrops, classic film references…and of course, plenty of booze. It’s a light-hearted homage to travel the Bourdain way.

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