Wednesday, September 15, 2010

[video] Circus - Preview

"Join the company and crew of the legendary Big Apple Circus for their annual 350-show tour — an epic, unforgettable journey from town to town and stand to stand, from the big top to the “backyard”, where the trailers are parked and the true heart of the circus beats. Get to know the real circus folk — the seventh and eighth-generation performers, the ones with circus in their genes and sawdust in their blood — and the newcomers who have yet to earn their place in the tribe. Feel the tension mount as rivalries and romances blossom, acts come together and fall apart, and a souring economy puts the screws to the tour. Share the company’s fears and frustrations, their triumphs and failures . . . and discover what it really means to live your life in the ring." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
A first look at the new PBS miniseries "Circus."

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