Saturday, September 11, 2010

[video] Fish Hooks - Bea Stays In the Picture

"Milo, Bea and Oscar are three BFFs (best fish friends) who live in a giant fish tank neighborhood located in the center of a pet shop. The three friends experience the typical challenges and triumphs as well as fish drama and fish cliques of their freshman year at Freshwater High.

If their tween years weren't lively enough, the trio uses special land suit apparatuses (fish-sized backpacks filled with water) to literally become fish out of water on their adventures to the untamed frontier of the pet shop, a strange, surreal and occasionally cartoony-dangerous place where they encounter giant lobster attacks and Wilford, the enormous cat who roams the store, among other surprises. If they stick together, Milo, Bea and Oscar can get through nearly anything with their fins intact.
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Episode Summary
When Bea takes a bad photo on school picture day, she enlists Milo and Oscar to help her steal the photo back from Clamantha.

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