Monday, September 13, 2010

[video] Pair of Kings - Return of the Kings, Pt. 1

"Sixteen-year-old fraternal twins, Brady and Boomer, lead a typical teenage life while being raised by their aunt and uncle in Chicago. But when Mason, the Royal Secretary to the Throne of the Island of Kinkou, arrives at their high school to inform the stunned boys of their extraordinary lineage, their lives change drastically. Now, Brady and Boomer must relocate to the island to claim their throne as joint Kings of an island filled with odd superstitions and customs –while trying not to cause havoc at every turn. Their efforts are often helped and hindered by Mason's adorable daughter, Mikayla, and a disgruntled cousin and wannabe king, Lanny, who's out to sabotage them and steal the throne." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
When the Royal Secretary of the Island of Kinkou arrives to inform fraternal twins Brady and Boomer of their royal lineage, their lives change drastically. Now, the boys must relocate and claim the throne as joint Kings of the island.

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