Monday, October 4, 2010

[video] Teach: Tony Danza - Back to School

"You know him from Taxi, Who’s The Boss? and countless other TV shows, films and plays. But long before he made it big in Hollywood, Tony Danza received a degree in education. Teach: Tony Danza chronicles the experience of the veteran actor as he returns to his roots to take on his toughest role yet, as a first-year teacher at Philadelphia’s largest urban high school. How will the kids at Northeast High School react to being taught 10th-grade English by an actor? Under the watchful eye of the high school principal and an in-classroom teaching coach, Danza applies incredible creativity and ceaseless dedication to his real-life duties as a teacher, while taking on a few extra roles outside the classroom — and becoming a true member of the Philadelphia community. In this touching series, viewers will not only see the challenges and rewards Danza faced as a first-year teacher, but also how his students end up teaching him a completely different lesson than he planned on . . . a lesson about life." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Mr. Danza arrives at Northeast High School in Philadelphia and meets most of the faculty, including his teaching advisor, David Cohn, and ball-busting principal, Linda Carroll, who warns Mr. Danza that if he screws up, he's out. On the first day of school, he meets his diverse class of students, but soon learns that teaching is harder than he realized when one student questions whether or not Mr. Danza is qualified to be teaching anything. And in an attempt to bond with two of his students on the football team, he becomes an assistant coach. He then realizes he knows far less about coaching football than teaching English and questions whether or not he made a mistake becoming a teacher.

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