Thursday, January 6, 2011

[video] Needless - Adam Blade

"After the apocalyptic events of World War III, a black spot has appeared in what was once called Tokyo. Some of the humans living there have gained mutant abilities called "Fragments." This new "species" is called the "Needless." The evil corporation Simeon, bent on discovering the key to immortality, are hunting down Needless, searching for a certain powerful mutant going by the name of Adam Blade. Cruz Schild, the sole survivor of a rebellion against the corporation, joins up with Adam Blade and his group of Needless companions. Togther, they set out to overthrow the evil Adam Arclight and destroy Simeon." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
After an attack on an evil corporation, a young rebel's sister is killed. Now alone, Cruz is taken in by a band of mutants with strange and amazing powers called the Needless. Together, they set out to overthrow the evil Adam Arclight and his family of evil mutants.

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