Sunday, March 20, 2011

[video] Four of a Kind - Durst Girls Gone Wild

"There is four times the joy and four times the drama when there are four identical teenage girls living under one roof. Calli, Kendra, Megan and Sarah juggle the demands of their last year of high school as they struggle to find their own identities. Follow the 17-year-old Durst sisters – one of only sixty-three sets of identical quads in the world as Lifetime’s new family reality series Four of a Kind documents the everyday trials, tribulations and emotions that come with adolescence: Including boys, school, homework, sports, and gossip. The sisters stampede through the daily challenges of living in a home with one bathroom, one shared bedroom, and one car...all the while facing the possibility of splitting up. See what lies ahead not just for them, but for their older brother Travis and single mother Naomi as well. As Travis and the girls head off to college, Naomi faces an empty nest for the first time in nineteen years." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
After refusing to do their chores and some very rebellious behavior from Kendra, the girls realize they've been too hard on Mom and decide to clean the house and make her dinner. Can four bickering sisters pull off such a task in time to surprise Mom?

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