Monday, March 7, 2011

[video] Mrs. P Presents - Mountain Dog/Lucky the Bamboo Chopper

"Who's that lady with the red hair and the red Ferrari? Mrs. P is an explorer, amateur paleontologist, book lover, party girl, and race car driver. She's seen the world's fattest housecat (140 pounds!) and met (and got sick on) the Queen of England. And please pay no attention to the rumors about her and Santa Claus — they're just friends. Most of all, though, Mrs. P loves reading the world's best stories to kids. From beside the crackling fire of her Magical Library, Mrs. P brings to life the original versions of Grimm's Fairy Tales, the stories of Hans Christian Andersen, Beatrix Potter, and many, many more. Perfect entertainment for road trips, before bedtime, or anytime, Mrs. P's stories will help younger kids with their reading skills and take everyone on incredible adventures of the imagination!

Mrs. P Presents offers original videos produced by a top Hollywood production team and released throughout the year. Mrs. P's goal is to spark imaginations and make reading an adventure. Starring Kathy Kinney (The Drew Carey Show) as Mrs P.
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Episode Summary
Grand Prize winners in the 2nd annual Mrs. P “Be-a-Famous Writer” Contest. “Mountain Dog” the story of a beloved pet that disappears during a family’s move to a new home. “Lucky the Bamboo Chopper,” the fable of a young panda bear who learns an important life lesson.

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