Saturday, April 16, 2011

[video] Orphen - Various Videos

"When the most prestigious university of magic in the land loses Orphen, their most talented student, they'll do anything to get him back. Unfortunately for them, Orphen has bigger plans than majoring in spell casting - namely tracking down a mysterious dragon, the Bloody August." -- iTunes Store

The Sword of Baltanders
As Orphen and Majic are outside a castle threatened by a girl with a sword named Cleao and her two troll servants, Volcan and Dortin, for 'spying', Orphen blasts the trolls away. The sky then turns dark and ghosts come out. They all then retreat to the castle, except for Orphen who confronts the ghosts till a dragon comes out.

Heal My Soul, Hot Springs
Desiring a much-needed vacation, Orphen, Majic, and Cleao decide to take a trip to some hot springs in the area. It seems like a great idea, until rumors of an evil sorcerer surface.
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