Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[video] Pentagram - Call the Man

"Wholly unauthorized and quickly vanishing from print, Human Hurricane was the first retrospective of Pentagram's legendary early-'70s material to emerge in the late '90s. Packing a whopping 17 tracks, most of them recorded live and obviously transferred from very poor-quality tapes, this is essentially a bootleg, kids — despite the surprisingly convincing packaging and liner notes making claims to the contrary. So unless you're a Pentagram fanatic of the highest order, you'll be best served seeking out the more concise, but infinitely superior-sounding First Daze Here collection. But for certified Pentagram obsessives who can actually lay hands on a copy of Human Hurricane, its highlights include the extended jamming of "Target," the psychedelic hard rock of "Much Too Young to Know," and the storming parting shot of Bobby Liebling's ultimate vampire tale, "Burning Rays."" -- iTunes Store

Genre: Metal

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