Monday, June 6, 2011

[video] Staten Island Cakes, Season 1 - Sneak Peek

"For most kids in their early 20s, life is about trying to get up before noon, finishing school and looking for their first job. For 21-year-old Vinny Buzzetta, life is about flour, fondant and creating some of the craziest cakes anyone can imagine, while also managing his own business where he is boss to his family! As Staten Island's resident pastry prodigy, Vinny has already graduated culinary school (first in his class!) and started up his own specialty bakery, The Cake Artist. He may be the big chief at the shop, but at home he's still just a kid: mom does his laundry; he fights non-stop with his wise-cracking sister, and grandpa (aka "Crazy Joe") is always around with an earful of business advice. When you blend a big Italian family and business, it's only a matter of time before patience wears thin and the larger-than-life personalities collide." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Follow the 21-year old owner of Staten Island's go-to bakery, a boy genius who is boss to his mom, sister and friends.

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