Tuesday, August 2, 2011

[music] Sleeper Agent - Get It Daddy

"Sleeper Agent is a group of young Bowling Green hellraisers making power pop the Southern way: born in the garage, strengthened and sharpened with blacksmith-like pounding, producing a precious rock bursting with color and personality. Lasting a touch longer than two minutes, Get It Daddy straddles multiple hip-shaking time signatures to arrive at this naughty, coming-of-age tantrum minus the temper. Get It Daddy appears on the Sleeper Agent album Celebrasion." -- iTunes Store

Genre: Alternative

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Kevin Corcoran Jr said...

i have only heard great things about this band! my friend went to one of their shows and they randomly gave him a free album download code because he bought some merch! It's so great to hear about a genuine band that plays great music :) I actually heard about them because of their free song on itunes right now.. what a catchy piece of work that is!!