Wednesday, August 10, 2011

[video] iCarly, Vol. 5 - Bonus Content, Pt. 2

"Hold your sauce! Freddie and Sam are officially together, but involve Carly in every single fight! Meanwhile, Gibby’s on a mission to break them up, Carly starts dating a super smart guy, and the gang create a web feed that ends up shutting down iCarly!" -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
These 2 hilarious bits are a must see for any iCarly fan.

iHave a Question with Victoria Justice - Victoria Justice thought she was coming to our studio to sing. But really, we just wanted to see how far we can stretch her!

iDrive Thru: Silly Talking - We get silly at the Inside Out Burger! Plus, a "special guest" stops by to freak us out!

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Lenard said...

Well, thanks for the free downloads. I love it!