Friday, August 12, 2011

[video] Russian Dolls - Mama Dearest

"With unprecedented access to one of the most interesting and mysterious communities in the U.S., Lifetime presents in its all-new reality series a rare and entertaining look into Russian-American life in a close-knit Brooklyn neighborhood. Russian Dolls follows the fast-paced comings and goings of eight larger-than-life men and women who live fully, love passionately and work hard in the borough’s famously vibrant and highly protective neighborhood, Brighton Beach. The charismatic group of friends and family includes Anna, 22, an aspiring model and skillful flirt who lives in a tiny apartment with her parents and meddling grandmother; Diana, 23, whose goal is to find a husband with a nice car and lots of money; the somewhat superficial Anastasia, 26, who puts tanning and makeup before college; Eddie, 26, a goal-oriented and driven lady-killer; Albert, 26, who desires money, status and a nice Russian girl to bring home to his mom; fur- and diamond-wearing club and restaurant operator Marina, 34; whimsical radio host Renata, 47; and Sveta, 47, who rules her marriage with an iron fist." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Marina's mother-in-law enters the Your Highness Grandmother Pageant and threatens to embarrass the entire family. Meanwhile Diana struggles to tell her mother that she is dating a "Spanish."

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