Wednesday, September 7, 2011

[video] Up All Night - Parenting Tips

"Life is all about balance. So what happens when you throw a new baby into it? Reagan (Christina Applegate) and her husband, Chris (Will Arnett), are the proud new parents of baby Amy. She may have been unexpected, but life’s curve balls can be a godsend, literally. But with a career and boss (Maya Rudolph) that need attention, Reagan’s the one going back to work while Chris is going to be the stay-at-home dad. Easy, right? Well, not quite. Determined to prove that she can be the perfect wife, mother, and career woman, Reagan spins a little out of control. But she eventually realizes that Amy is her new number one priority and everything (except maybe Chris) is going to take a backseat to their new bundle of joy. Maybe you can have it all… as long as you’re willing to lose some sleep!" -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Let's face it - new parents often need help taking care of their baby. Luckily, the stars of Up All Night are here to provide their personal tips on how to maneuver through this scary - sometimes baffling - new world.

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