Thursday, October 13, 2011

[video] Californication - David Duchovny Directing

"He couldn’t be more screwed. Golden Globe®-winner David Duchovny is back in the smart, wild and sexy Showtime hit comedy series Californication – and it’s going to be the most scandalicious season yet. A one-night misunderstanding has landed Hank Moody in serious hot water, but his troubles don’t end there. The Hollywood vultures are circling his latest literary masterpiece, ready to turn it into yet another cheesy popcorn flick with Hollywood’s most unstable megastar – but Hank won’t go down that easy. Unless of course it’s with the movie’s foxy young starlet. Meanwhile, Marcy’s playing the pregnant cougar on the prowl, Charlie’s trying to steal Hank’s role as ladies’ man – and the two women Hank cares about most are ready to leave him in the dust. It seems like it’s the entire state of California vs. Hank Moody, and he’s not going to get off easy. With special guest star Rob Lowe and guest stars Carla Gugino, Michael Ealy, Zoë Kravitz and Tommy Lee." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
The cast talks about David Duchovny's role as director on Californication.

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