Thursday, October 27, 2011

[video] Monster In-Laws - The Last Italian Supper

"In-laws: most people have them. And sometimes, they can be a lot more than a newlywed bargained for. Each 30-minute episode of the new A&E series Monster In-Laws features real-life married couples desperate to put an end to the in-law battles tearing their families apart. Former trial lawyer and relationship expert Mel Robbins and psychology, counseling and human development expert Dr. Tom Kersting do whatever it takes to make peace between the couples and their parents, aggressively undertaking each case so their patients can face the issues head-on. From tying the families up with rope to force communication, duct taping the in-laws’ mouths shut to get them to listen, having a mother challenge her son-in-law to sell his beloved car to help with wedding costs and surprising a daughter-in-law with a trip to the pawn shop where she must sell all the jewelry she’s wearing to repay her mother-in-law, the therapists – and their patients – attempt to reach a common ground. But will the hard work pay off?" -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Anthony says starting a restaurant with his father-in-law is the worst mistake he's ever made, and he lives with that mistake every day. Strong-willed father-in-law Richie has driven a wedge into Anthony's relationship with his wife Kim and daughter Nina Maria. The tension runs so high Mel Robbins struggles to keep things from coming to blows.

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