Monday, November 21, 2011

[video] Big Shrimpin' - No Rest 'Til Texas

"Dominic "The Dom" and his 6-boat crew of Alabama shrimpers have 30 days in June and July to scour the Gulf of Mexico in search of the delicacy that delivers their payday. Their goal is to claim the best territory to drag their heavy funnel-shaped trawl nets over the seafloor for the treat Americans crave. The competition is fierce among Dom's boats, each crew working hard to bring in the biggest haul. The series follows a collection of these characters as they battle each other, the weather and crew from other companies.
Shrimping has been part of Gulf since the 17th century. Today the US harvests over a half million pounds of shrimp and imports another 200 million pounds a year, more than any other country. Big Shrimpn' adds another colorful chapter to Gulf history.
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Episode Summary
Deep in the heart of America's shrimping industry, the men of Bayou La Batre, Alabama prepare for the most important day of their season--the start of the Texas Open in the Gulf of Mexico. Dominick's three captains, known as Bullfrog, Redbone and Roundhead, race to the starting line and the potential saltwater gold that waits them. The past seasons have been tough and the stakes are high. Captain Bullfrog is a shrimp whisperer, determined to outperform his mentor, Captain Redbone, the grizzled veteran who is not giving an inch. Captain Roundhead has had a hard couple of seasons and is looking for redemption. They each run into trouble along the way and the decisions they each make to solve their problems says a lot about who they are.

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