Thursday, November 10, 2011

[video] Kimchi Chronicles - The Kimchi Chronicles Begin

"On Kimchi Chronicles, viewers will get to see Korean culture and its food through Marja’s incredible and completely distinct lens. In each episode, she will take you to Korea along with her world-renowned chef husband Jean-Georges and their daughter Chloe and other friends like celebrated actress Heather Graham. Going straight to the source to find the best of Korea, they will visit every corner from the rolling hills of green tea on Jeju Island to a tiny stall in a sprawling market that serves the most crispy, savory, completely addictive pancakes known as bindaeddeok made from mung beans ground just before they hit the pan. Then Marja and Jean-Georges will invite you back to their kitchen in New York, along with actor Hugh Jackman and his wife Deb, their real life neighbors. Together, they will create the dishes they fell in love with in Korea and Jean-Georges, a true culinary icon and veritable genius, will also prepare new dishes inspired by the Korean pantry coupled with his command of simple, flavorful and delicious combination's." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
An introduction to the basics of Korean cooking starting with, of course, kimchi. Jean-Georges and Marja are joined in the kitchen by their real-life neighbors, actors Hugh and Deb Jackman. Together they prepare two iconic Korean dishes—bibimbap and beef bulgogi and check out barbeque that can rival Texas. The Chronicles Begin will also take a look ahead at the remaining twelve episodes of Kimchi Chronicles. Tune in to see if Wolverine can handle the heat of the Korean kitchen.

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