Monday, November 14, 2011

[video] Mezzo - Shell of Love

"In the near future, Tokyo advances significantly in the world of technology. Androids and high tech gadgets are now commonplace all over the area. Whether it`s serving as a bodyguard for a desperate adult or securing the transporting of biological weapons, Suzuki Mikura, Kurokawa Kenichi, and Harada Tomohisa are always on the case. After a few cases, they uncover a massive scandal along with plenty of corruption. Someone is out to kill off the DSA! The DSA is in over their heads in what could be their last mission." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
AThe DSA was hired by a mysterious woman to stop Asano from acquiring and using on Takizawa a black market medicine designed to cure Alzheimer’s disease. While trying to stop Asano, the DSA discover their client came back from the grave.

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