Monday, November 21, 2011

[video] Stuntbusters - Various Episodes

"Stuntbusters is going to explore and explode motoring myths as we reveal the facts and figures behind the latest, fastest and hottest automotive technology on earth! Join our two fearless human crash test dummy stunt drivers as they take it to the redline and beyond using our high-tech test lab equipped with cutting edge automotive technology and eye-popping graphic interfaces. Each high-octane experiment will be captured at one thousand frames per second; allowing us to slow the action down and dive into the physics behind the vehicular carnage! Only on SPEED." -- iTunes Store

Ripping Off the Roof
In this episode of Stuntbusters, Vanessa tackles a stunt that scares even industry veterans - the fearsome 50mph can opener! The team explode some myths about how hollywood blows a car apart without a real bomb, they push rubber to the limit with a challenge to see just how fast they can blow a car's tires, and Garrett risks life and limb testing the theory that a car can protect you from a deadly lightning strike. Only on SPEED.
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Bulletproof Beater
In this episode of Stuntbusters, Garrett and Vanessa break out the big guns to find out how you can shoot out the tires on a speeding getaway car. They put torque to the test with the ultimate truck tug of war to see which emerges victorious. Car windshields are put to the test with a high impact projectile test, and and old car is slammed head on into a new model to see which one survives. Only on SPEED.
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