Thursday, November 17, 2011

[video] Travel with Kids - Paris: Family Travel Guide to Paris, France

"Nathan and Seamus are introduced to the history, culture and monuments of old world Europe, while also visiting some tropical treasures in the Caribbean Sea." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Paris: The Roberts family hits the road running in Paris in attempt to be the first to find the incredible Eiffel Tower while getting sidetracked by the City of Light's artistic culture. Join the host family on a treasure hunt in the Louvre where they discover the gems of the art world. Hold your nose for the stinkiest tour in Paris in the Paris Sewers. Next, the Roberts head down the Seine River for a view of Paris how it was meant to be seen and end up at Notre Dame Cathedral. Finally, the Roberts family finds the Eiffel Tower and it's time to climb, picnic, ride mules and go-karts and enjoy one of the greatest monuments in the world.

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